Forestry Mulching

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Lands that are ridden with shrubs, invasive plants, brush, unwanted trees can easily be cleared with forestry mulching. Land that is needed for infrastructure development or farming, can be effectively cleared by forestry mulching methods. At Treeline Houston has been providing Hydro-ax mulching methods to the people of Houston. Hydro-ax machine rotary drum equipped with steel teeth used to shred the vegetation. It is to grind away small shrub plants and trees, dried plants, debris on the ground, brush, etc. This process is faster than usual land clearing methods which may include tree cutting, manual grinding, manual removal of vegetation, manual hauling of the rot, etc. The approach we take is modern, takes less time and is more effective in general. 

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Many people opt for forest mulching just to keep their land’s health. If you have trees that you want to protect, mulching can actually be beneficial. Many invasive shrubs and bushes can take away nutrients from the soil and kill the trees in the area. Forestry mulching equipment disintegrates these plants and mixes them with the soil. This sends the nutrients back to the soil making it more fertile as well, removing the invasive plants. This process is much more preferred than burning the shrubs and rot which only sends harmful, greenhouse gases in the air, it also increases the chances of wildfire. 

Tree Removal

The process of cutting down and removing trees from a specific area is known as tree removal. It may be required for a number of reasons, including the tree being dead, diseased, or posing a threat to property or people. Tree removal is typically performed by a professional tree removal service with the necessary equipment and expertise to safely remove the tree while causing the least amount of damage to the surrounding area. Depending on the size and location of the tree, the process may involve cutting it down in sections or removing it entirely. Before proceeding with tree removal, it is critical to consider the environmental impact as well as any necessary permits.

Grinding stumps

When you have had recent removal of trees for the area, all you are left with is stumps. These stumps can be difficult to get rid of. If you have removed trees from large areas removing each stump can be a headache. Our forestry mulching can take care of these stumps without harming your land. We don’t need to dig holes in the ground or take an ax on each stump to remove them. The mulching machine is more than capable of grinding the stumps down to the ground without much effort. This makes the flattening of the land easier, making the land available for other functions. Grinding the stumps instead of ripping them from the roots can prevent soil erosion as well. 

The latest, mulching of hydro axes needs one machine and very few resources. Mulching forest is a perfect option for clearing land. Whether this can be achieved involves a completely different approach. All was either cut by hand with the traditional land clearing of the past and hauled away to rot or burn. Or they may have used bulldozers to plow all over destroying the earth, causing damage to the trees you 'd like to protect. The mulch produced does not have to be hauled off. This saves you money on transportation and gas. The mulch will slowly disintegrate into the ground on it’s own. When you need quality service and expert mulchers in Houston, call Treeline Houston. We are always ready to help whenever you need us.

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