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Treeline Houston is a locally owned and operated company providing contractor services throughout Houston and surrounding areas.  We have more than 15 years of experience in premier demolition company. We work with both residential and commercial properties irrespective of size of the project. Our company has all the necessary machinery and expertise to carry out even the most difficult of demolition and excavation tasks with ease. There is a whole range of services we provide from Land Clearing, Excavation, Pool Removal and Fill-in, Lot Clearing, Tree Removal, House, Building, Concrete, Swimming Pool and Demolition Services.

When it comes to safe and effective removal of outdoor structures, we are experts at it. Our experienced and skilled professionals know how to carry out the perfect demolition and excavation for any outdoor structure. We make an area available for construction or any other work. We will clear out any construction debris and haul it away in our dumpsters. We work in light industrial size areas as well as small residential areas, let us know what kind of service you need and we will be at your service. 

Treeline Houston takes on big and small, all kinds of jobs. When it comes to quality service with highly skilled professionals, our Houston contracting company is the one you can rely on. Whether you need to clear your property after a heavy storm, clear your land for new construction & development purposes, or clear out construction debris after work, we are always here for you.

Services Offered

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Best Services Guaranteed 

Residential Demo

When you need a company that can demolish your storm or fire-damaged house, commercial building for reconstruction, unwanted outdoor structures, damaged sheds, you can rely on us. We are demolition experts that have been in the industry for more than 30 years. We have demolition professionals who are certified and know how to break and remove solid structures in a safe and cost-effective way.

You can get rid of any structure you want with the help of our experts. They will determine the scope of work necessary to safely demolish and remove it depending on its size and location. And as far as permits go, they're taken care of too! Please take a few minutes to enter your information in our request form or give us a call for more information about what we offer.

Tell us what you need and fix an appointment with a professional who can visit your location and give you a free estimate on services. With Treeline Houston, you can be sure you are getting the best in the industry at an affordable price. 

Land Clearing Houston

Land and property owners needing improvement and clearing services: Houston has a team that can clean construction leftovers, storm damage, storage mess, scraps, brush, trees, etc. If you need clean, flat, and ready-to-use land, call our land clearing services. We will clear all kinds of mess from your land, help you sort things out, send recyclable items to the recycle yard, and rest to the nearest landfills. We have cranes, trailers, trucks to carry the mess away from your property. If you need tree clearing, stump clearing, brush clearing, our professionals will use appropriate equipment to get rid of it and clear the land.

We have been serving Houston for years, and we are known to be fast workers. Our workers work with the latest technology and manual labor to give you precise and quick work. If you are a business owner, a house owner, landlord, realtor, no matter who you are, if you need fast and effective land clearing for your property, we can do it for you. 

We clear land after demolition, construction, excavation, etc. When you have a lot of mess in your land and need a reliable company to clear it out for you, call Treeline Houston. We are insured and bonded for what we do, with good experience and quality equipment. We follow all the codes and get permits before any job that might require a permit, so you don’t get into trouble. Land Clearing Cost in Houston can vary between $500 to thousands depending on the size of the property, kind of land clearing, how much we have to put in it, etc. Call us for a free estimate.

Tree Removal Experts

If you're searching the interweb for a tree removal service near me, look no further. Treeline Houston is available to help remove both problematic and blocking trees from your property at an affordable price. We come fully insured and equipped with all the necessary equipment and machinery needed to handle any job or problem that may arise. When it comes time to cut down dead or dying limbs on your lot, our crew has the experience managing other situations, such as removing those; pesky branches from your view or too close to the house! 

Excavation Services

Our excavation services involve a lot of things, from the excavation for construction, foundations, sewer line installation, culverts, roads, underground tanks, utility trenches, etc. When you have to excavate and take the mess away, so you are left with a clean construction site, call Treeline Houston. We do excavations for a number of reasons which can vary from small hole digging for utility lands to digging drainage line installation.

Skid Steer Rentals

When you need skid steer machines for rental, Treeline Houston and TLH Equipment Rentals make the process easy for individuals and contractors. We rent out various sizes of skid steer machines that can be used for land leveling, excavation, road construction, housing, land clearing, etc. No matter what your need is, when you need to rent a John Deere® compact skid steer or Bobcat® track loaders, just let us know. Or if you need a machine and operator to get the job done for you. We offer skid steer services if you need them.

Construction Equipment Rentals: Mini-Excavators, Mini-Excavators, Walk Behind Skid Loaders (perfect for landscapers), Telehandler (use as forklift, construction, and material management purposes), Wood and Brush Chipper, and more.

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Our knowledgeable Houston contracting services provide the quality service that you deserve. We provide free estimates for all of your services; call us to get a free estimate today.

See what our customers have to say

See what our customers have to say

We are so happy we chose Next Day Excavating for our utilities project. The work was well done and we highly recommend! Ron W

Ron W

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